What are PTAC Organizations and How Can They Help My Business?


From working for federal prime contractors to living in the DC Metro area, I have always been privy to the endless number of acronyms in the GovCon world. Despite this, I had never heard the acronym “PTAC” before I joined the Fedmine team.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC’s) are comprised of dedicated procurement professionals helping local businesses compete and succeed in the government marketplace. Per the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers website, “PTACs are the bridge between buyer and supplier, bringing to bear their knowledge of both government contracting and the capabilities of contractors to maximize fast, reliable service to our government with better quality and at lower costs.” Many PTAC Counselors have backgrounds in government acquisitions and almost all of them take part in ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing acquisitions procedures and policies.

In 2017 PTAC Organizations:

  • Serviced 48,000 clients
  • Helped their clients win $20 billion in government contracts and subcontracts

The Benefits of Fedmine for PTACs

At Fedmine’s core is a desire to help small businesses—in fact, it’s one of the main reasons our CEO, Ashok Mehan, started Fedmine.  As a small business prime contractor himself, Ashok felt something was missing in the federal contracting market. Small businesses were left to connect the many dots necessary to collect the federal business intelligence they needed. Soon after, Fedmine was born, and the rest is history.

Fedmine has a longstanding relationship with the Association of PTACs. We work with the counselors at many PTAC locations around the country. Fedmine helps connect its PTAC counselors directly to the source of information they need to be proactively assisting their clients in finding government contract opportunities.

Our PTAC counselors love the fact that Fedmine’s real time data can be pulled by geographic location. Many of their small businesses only work  within a certain distance rather than nationwide. This provides counselors the ability to focus on those opportunities that make the most sense for their clients.

PTACs also use Fedmine to contact potential clients who might need their assistance. Using our FirstTimers search, an alert is sent to the counselor any time a local business wins a contract for the first time. The PTAC can then reach out and offer support or guidance to navigate the world of federal government contracting.

If a client is primarily a subcontractor in the GovCon world, PTAC counselors can utilize Fedmine’s Subcontracts Visor to create a list of the top prime contractors awarding subcontracts in their industry, as well as their place of performance. 

PTAC Counselors save so much time and become much more efficient in pulling government data for their clients with Fedmine. We can set up individual searches pertaining to each of their unique clients that alert the counselor when new government contract opportunities come out, or to pull competitive intelligence or valuable industry analytics. Rather than going to each individual federal data source – the counselor can simply log into Fedmine to find everything they need.

This week we had the honor of presenting and exhibiting at the APTAC Fall Training Conference in Washington, DC. As always, it was fulfilling to meet new counselors from groups who were not aware of Fedmine. If you represent a PTAC organization or a small business not currently using a business intelligence tool such as Fedmine, contact us for a 30-minute online demonstration.

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Leila Salim

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