Federal Data on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Part 4

Hi to all who've been following along with my updates on Relating Federal Data on the Coronavirus. Today marks Part 4 of this series, and more than a solid month of sheltering in place for my family here in Northern Virginia.

If you are just joining this blog series I have linked my previous posts below so you can get caught up:

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The biggest realization I've had is that the weeks are zooming by (probably a good thing), but the days feel as though they drag on forever. We are getting used to our homebound routines, but can't wait for a light at the end of this dark tunnel - which I'm starting to wonder, when that will ever be?

One of the hot topics during the crisis has been the shortage of N-95 masks and PPE for medical workers. It's been painful to read about, but I felt intrigued by the innovation that's taking place, especially when I read this article. The article highlights a $415M DOD award to Battelle Memorial Institute for machines that can disinfect N-95 masks to make them reusable up to 20 times. This new award is in addition to the over $12M Battelle has already won for COVID related contracts.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 3.58.17 PMSource: Fedmine as of 04/16/2020

Contracts Search

We now have over $4B in COVID-19 contract awards that use the NIA Code P20C. This does not take into account the other contract awards that are not utilizing the NIA Code. When the P20C Code was created, I saved a new contracts search in addition to my keyword "coronavirus, covid" search. As the weeks have progressed, I see less results using the keywords in the contract descriptions. The majority are utilizing the NIA Code for these awards.

COVID NIA Code SpendingSource: Fedmine as of 04/16/2020

The above graphs show the summary of contracts awarded using the P20C NIA Code. You can see over $4.6B has been awarded to 1508 companies. The top awarding agencies are HHS, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Army. I took a deep dive into the top 10 contractors winning these awards and the top 6 businesses are winning work for ventilators, N95 masks and monitors. So much money is being spent to procure these lifesaving commodities.

I ran the search again and selected Mod 0 to look at the first time contracts awarded. It reduced my results by some, but still over $4B of these awards are original Mod 0 contracts.

Another way the summary graphs in Fedmine show the data is to see what was awarded to Small vs. Other than Small Business. So far, only 19.1% of these awards have gone to small businesses.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.57.49 PMSource: Fedmine as of 04/16/2020

Federal Grants

When I ran the Grants search in my previous post, there were only 8 reported at that time. We now have 1581 Federal Grants that include "coronavirus, COVID-19" project descriptions. The grant amounts this time around have become much larger too. 

That's it for this Part 4 round up of relating Federal data to Coronavirus. Hoping that everyone is finding the data as interesting as I am.

I'm off to get some much needed fresh air and take my kids on their 100,000th bike ride down our street during quarantine. Stay safe everyone!

*contract awards do not fully account for DoD FPDS-NG awards as they have not yet been reported due to 90 day lag

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