Let's have a look at the OASIS MA-IDIQ

The OASIS Pool 2 Unrestricted On-Ramp has been extended through August 31st 2018 and we are expecting Small Business Pools 1, 4 and 5 to open up shortly. With the move to strategic sourcing by many agencies, it is extremely important for small businesses to be on agency specific or best in class vehicles. The opportunity for small businesses who want to get on these OASIS vehicles is obviously going to be during the on-ramp period, and small businesses have to evaluate past spending to determine the opportunity cost of responding to these IDIQs.

I did a quick analysis of what has been awarded on OASIS Unrestricted Pool 2 and was surprised to find that only $180.8MM has been spent since 2015, a mere 2.03% of total $8.9B that has been spent on OASIS!  This led me to do an analysis on overall spending on OASIS from 2015 through 8/7/2018.

oasis all

I was interested to see the increased use of the OASIS vehicle and expect that this fiscal year we will also see a substantial increase. Also, the % spend between the SB and Unrestricted pool interestingly remained pretty well split between the SB pool and unrestricted pool.

Lets further dissect this information across all pools to see which of the pools is most widely used:

oasis break up

YTD in FY 2018 it looks like overall Pools 1 & 3 are the most used and account for 73% of the total dollars obligated under OASIS - WOW!! and the SB pools account for 26% of total spend!  

So if SB Pools 1, 4 and 5 are supposed to open soon, it's extremely important to understand the numbers as a company makes the decision to bid or not to bid. Understanding what has been spent, what has been subcontracted, what NAICS codes are used the most, what are the contract requirements, what contracts are expiring is essential to know when making these bid decisions.

So let's look at some information that is available to Fedmine clients.

Ability to see the use of the vehicle at an agency allows you to see if a vehicle is a strategic fit for the agency client you have or are targeting.

Oasis Agency

...and you can dig deeper into who is winning the contract, in this case I decided to look at the Army contracts awarded in 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.35.00 PM

...and for what product or service!

Let's also have a look at the backlog under any OASIS (or IDIQ for that matter) to understand who has won work:

OASIS Backlog

and understand the subcontract work that is being done under any IDIQ

And while we are drilling into the data lets also explore expiring task orders, with maybe a keyword? and how about a socioeconomic category?

OASIS expiring

Federal data truly helps, especially when it's in real-time.  Feel free to reach out if you want to learn how Fedmine helps provide you with actionable intelligence!


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