Fedmine: Data Visibility for Government Agencies


Fedmine is as an independent verification and validation system for OMB, Congress, and the entire Federal Government. These agencies use Fedmine as a supplemental tool to keep a daily pulse on budgetary spending at any of its bureaus, departments, and contracting offices across the globe. For example, a suite developed in conjunction with the SBA, algorithmically calculates Small Business Goaling numbers in real-time, consistent with the FAR rules currently in place for calculating such numbers.

Fedmine does this in an automated manner for all agencies, every day. Federal agencies require visibility into their spending much more than they did before. However, the pace at which this is done varies from one agency to another, and if some have manual processes for calculating their numbers, they have a higher likelihood of error.

Moreover, each agency has its own process to determine their final spending numbers. There is no “Times” and “Post” comparison to benefit agencies to take corrective action if numbers don’t match up at any moment in time during a budget year. By ensuring that agencies have an independent system to match their internal numbers on a daily, real-time basis, Fedmine provides the federal government an easy to use platform that is web based, ensuring that each agency can corroborate reporting numbers to Congress with higher fidelity.

In short, the Fedmine platform allows the government to improve the speed and quality of business decisions related to many budgetary pressures through use of a quality Federal Spending and Market Research Database. As an example, agencies today use Fedmine to help achieve Federally mandated Small Business Contracting Goals across all socioeconomic groups and improve business intelligence through smart use of innovative open source technology.

Federal Business Opportunities

Accurate data is the basis for making accurate decisions. In today’s dynamic, fast-paced environment, only Fedmine provides an online repository of the richest variety of data reports available from any source. The Fedmine platform covers the needs of an entire federal sector. With real-time insights into the wide range of federal business activities taking place daily, it is by far the most comprehensive database of its kind.

The database is a result of sophisticated cloud technology that makes it possible to integrate aggregated information collected from disparate data sources.

Being a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) web-based solution, it is modifiable to meet the needs of various users for market research, business opportunities, contract details and summaries, analytical perspectives, including industry tracking and custom reports by Agency, Bureau, Command, and by Industry vendors.

A brief list of features offered through Fedmine includes:

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Unlimited access and downloads are exercisable options up front, because we do not restrict access by metered usage. We want our customers to dig deep into the system without having to worry about clocking time to save money. Good decisions are made when abundance is freely provided to a user to do work at their own pace.
  • Real-time federal market intelligence by agency and contracting office, military base, or DoDAAC
  • Secure access providing users with authorized credentials, a username and password combination, for all types of online subscriptions offered through FEDMINE.US.

Fedmine offers the government its advanced database driven web application that leverages the power of the Internet to aggregate data from 17 sources and compile it into one pane for easy use and manipulation. Through proprietary routines using open source software, the system maximizes information relevancy for various kinds of users by utilizing the latest platforms of technology that are easily adaptable and allow flexibility and growth.

A multitude of users at all levels that comprise the federal market such as: Contracting Offices, Small Business Program Offices, PTAC and SBDC Offices, SBA District Offices, use Fedmine to conduct federal market research and improve business intelligence.

Varying options can be exercised in the core Fedmine offering based on specific needs of the agency. Fedmine is currently in wide use by several agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, large and small prime contractors. It is the only tool of its kind that is capable of providing one coherent database to the full federal circle spectrum with powerful federal spending data and analytics.

Fedmine is built exclusively with the focus of providing the kind of actionable business intelligence all federal agencies and prime contractors seek to conduct business with each other. Contact us today for a demonstration of how your business can get the data you need in one, user-friendly platform.


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Ashok Mehan

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